Birthday Celebration for Prof. Wing Hung Wong

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The past few days have been really special for me and many others who were fortunate to celebrate Professor Wing Hung Wong’s birthday. He turned 70 and a symposium on Statistics and Data Science in Bioinformatics and Biomedicine was held at Stanford, where the speakers were mainly his former PhDs and Postdocs. It was a precious opportunity for me to talk to so many outstanding Wonglab alumni, who are now professors at Harvard, Berkeley, Duke, U Penn, Michigan, UCAL, UCSD, etc. I also felt very lucky to talk to many pioneers, such as Michael Waterman. As I accompanied Michael and several other professors back to hotel, I was reminded of the time when I learned the Smith-Waterman algorithm as a beginner in the field of computational biology.

I am still immensely fascinated by all the stories that the Wonglab members shared at the celebratory dinner. I could tell that Wing was so touched and happy to see all his former students, colleagues and friends gathered to honor his remarkable life and career. I was also moved when Wing got a bit choked up while giving a short speech. I want to say that Wing has always been a great mentor and role model who guides, motivates and inspires me. I really want to express my sincere gratitude for his guidance, motivation and inspiration. He taught me not only how to do research, but also the values and ethics of being a good scholar and a good person. I deeply appreciate all his help throughout my academic journey, and I hope to follow his footsteps and make him proud someday in the future.

Happy birthday to you, Wing!

At the symposiumAt celebratory dinner!